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What am I doing?

Few years back Everything about my future was ambiguously assumed, like I would get into college, get a decent job, earn money, but I realized that my life was on autopilot!

I wanted​ more, I wanted​ more out of life.I wanted​ a passion, a dream that won’t let me sleep, I wanted that dream to make me  jump out of bed in the morning and have that zest for life that I used to have in early childhood. And thus I quit whatever i was doing and started pursuing my dream But now  I’m lost, depressed and have a strong sense of failure, I suppose I’m stuck in the muck of insecurity and self-doubt, It’s like I’m going nowhere!  🙁

29 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Hey! Just wanted to say that we all are fighting battles and you are definitely going to win yours. Weirdly, I feel that this post really relates to my current situation and I am so proud of you for expressing your emotions.

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  2. Josh, Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I’m 74 years old and have found that life is what you make of it at the moment. When I got married, my kids were my passion. As they grew, my passion switched to writing. Then my passion was running two small businesses. Now, in retirement, my passion is photography. Photography isn’t what makes me get up in the morning ready to tackle the world, it’s what keeps me sane in this crazy thing called life. You’ll have many passions. Just follow your heart.

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  3. Sometimes we have to be stuck for awhile for us to truly appreciate how amazing it feels to work through that and become “unstuck.” True gratitude is born by baby steps back up. It’s the journey you need to live for…believe that it IS taking you somewhere. 🙂

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  4. I can relate. First, I want to commend you for being brave enough to recognize that you wanted more and to make the jump you felt necessary.
    Next, we all have low times. I have them more than I care to admit. When you have a drive to do what will set your soul on fire and the present isn’t adding up to that, it’s rough.
    My advice would be to take a step. Just one. One step toward doing something that makes you happy. Then, take another. Next thing you know you will be feeling that passion again.
    We all get knocked down. The important thing is to not stay down. Get back up!

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  5. Hi Jash, since this post is from January, and it is now (almost) May, I hope you are doing well! I just followed you on instagram😊Thank you for checking out my blog💕

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    1. Hey there! Thankyou and Yes I’m doing absolutely fine now. || Thankyou for following me on Instagram and I loved your blog, I’ll stay updated to your upcoming posts ☺


  6. Life is always full of uncertainties, but at least you’ve tried to follow your dreams, luckier than many people who never got to try to it out and regret it their whole life. I hope you continue moving forward and follow what you think is right for you 🙂 Wishing you the best!

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  7. Thanks for sharing your vulnerabilities. What you are doing is helping others be more brave to express themselves. You’re doing great. One step at a time and you’ll soon realise why you decided to pursue your dreams in the first place.

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  8. Dave is a valued leader and a wonderful client of mine. Dave’s leadership in and with the story is balanced by his stand that what is for the mind and why is for the heart. I tell you this because of Dave’s mantra for his leadership: HITC FITM … this stands for “Head in the Clouds – Feet in the Muck.” He has learned to hold the tension of these seeming opposites … to lead in the middle of this creative tension. I thought you hearing this might be of some encouragement to you Jash.

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  9. I got a degree in Early childhood education, teaching in an alternative school before graduation. After graduating it was clear working in public schools wasn’t going to be supportive and alternative school wages wouldn’t support me and my young child. A year later, after seeking alternative healing for injuries I was led into a 40 year career in Holistic/spiritual healing. I got trained in 16 therapies, invented some new ones and even was led to teach public and corporate /government workshops anchored in alternative healing.

    I still taught children occasionally and created creative movement and music classes for very young children. I never made huge money but followed my heart and helped many people.

    Your heart knows your true path. Best wishes on yours! And thanks for the follow.

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  10. Life is like that. No one spends all their time on the mountaintop. We go through valleys. Try your best to be patient. When this has passed, you may find that there are lessons to be learned from it.

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